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I am a conservative, I ran for state office as an American Party member in 1974,and again as a republican in 1976. I have children of my own as well as step children and ALL I stand for is to defend their future. I have traveled across this nation, and Canada, I have stood on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in California, Oregon and Alaska, looked out at the Gulf from New Orleans, put my feet in the Atlanic in Florida, caught Lake Trout in Lake Superior, Fished for Grayling in Lake Wassila. I have driven over the mountains, looked across the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley. Mostly as a young man on the road. Now I like being home with my family, but I want them to be able to see what I saw, I want them to be able to say this is the Greatest Nation on earth! Because it is free! And as I have learned, I want them to know, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We owe it to our neighbors to the North and South to remain a bastian of Freedom they can lean on when there is need. MAY THE REPUBLIC LIVE ON.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Poll Watch: The Latest ABC News Polls
Swine Flu Poll: Problems With Vaccine Supply and Safety Concerns
Nearly half of parents now don't intend to have their children vaccinated against the swine flu virus ? and among those who do plan to get the vaccine, more than half say they've been deterred by supply problems, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds.
Others, meanwhile, continue to steer clear as a result of undiminished skepticism about the safety of the vaccine itself. Despite federal reassurances, a third of Americans say they're not confident it's safe, much like the 30 percent who said so last month. And 66 percent of adults say they themselves don't plan to get vaccinated ? slightly up from 62 percent last month.


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