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I am a conservative, I ran for state office as an American Party member in 1974,and again as a republican in 1976. I have children of my own as well as step children and ALL I stand for is to defend their future. I have traveled across this nation, and Canada, I have stood on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in California, Oregon and Alaska, looked out at the Gulf from New Orleans, put my feet in the Atlanic in Florida, caught Lake Trout in Lake Superior, Fished for Grayling in Lake Wassila. I have driven over the mountains, looked across the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley. Mostly as a young man on the road. Now I like being home with my family, but I want them to be able to see what I saw, I want them to be able to say this is the Greatest Nation on earth! Because it is free! And as I have learned, I want them to know, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We owe it to our neighbors to the North and South to remain a bastian of Freedom they can lean on when there is need. MAY THE REPUBLIC LIVE ON.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


If you can't take it don't dish it out.

If ObamaCare makes sense to you, it's time to up your medication.

Here's another sign of ObamaCare. Examination rooms have tip jars.

Q: What is the ObamaCare plan to encourage physical fitness?
A: Higher gas taxes to encourage walking.

The new ObamaCare slogan is "Give till it hurts!"

Barack Obama announced that his ObamaCare team will be headed by Joe Biden. Obama admitted that his team has many problems to overcome, the biggest one being that Joe Biden is heading the team.

If Barack Obama had been the Commander in Chief of the Sioux and the Cheyenne, George Armstrong Custer would have died of old age.

The aliens forgot to remove Obama's anal probe.

If Obama had half a brain, his butt would be lopsided.

President Obama is to statesmanship as an Etch-A-Sketch is to art.

Top Twenty Five Features of ObamaCare
"No Shirt, No Shoes, No Surgery"

1. Medical degrees from Devry.
2. Mandatory organ donor cards.
3. Lighters used to sterilize syringes.
4. Stomach stapling done at Office Max.
5. Coin operated morphine dispensers.
6. Tap water is a plasma substitute.
7. Homeless people all have only one kidney.
8. Free cremation with any major operation.
9. Bunkbeds in the Intensive Care Unit.
10. Your first dose of narcotics is free.
11. Special "showers" for the elderly.
12. Tongue depressors taste like Popsicles.
13. None of the nurses speak English.
14. The hospital cafeteria failed its health inspection.
15. Ambulances have meters.
16. Hospital walls are infested with "lab" rats.
17. Do-it-yourself heart bypass kits.
18. Wind up pacemakers.
19. You make up your own hospital bed.
20. Anesthesia comes in a bong.
21. Patients' meals are MREs.
22. Leeches make a comeback!
23. Hospital TVs are all turned to MSNBC.
24. Sears surgical tools.
25. A visit to the hospital will automatically cancel your life insurance policy.

Q. Why did Obama change his name from Barry to Barack?
A. He thought Barry sounded too American.

. What will Barack Obama get for Christmas?
A. Your job, your car and your house.

Q. Why did the Supreme Court block having a Nativity Scene displayed at the White House this year?
A. Plenty of donkeys, but no wise men.

If Obama promises to be good next year, maybe Santa will give him a clue for Christmas.

MANY THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AT http://barackobamajokes.googlepages.com/
and their fine contributers. Looking Forward to more Jokes, Should be Plenty of Material.

Obama is having such a hard time selling his health care plan that he's thinking about putting it on eBay.

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