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I am a conservative, I ran for state office as an American Party member in 1974,and again as a republican in 1976. I have children of my own as well as step children and ALL I stand for is to defend their future. I have traveled across this nation, and Canada, I have stood on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in California, Oregon and Alaska, looked out at the Gulf from New Orleans, put my feet in the Atlanic in Florida, caught Lake Trout in Lake Superior, Fished for Grayling in Lake Wassila. I have driven over the mountains, looked across the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley. Mostly as a young man on the road. Now I like being home with my family, but I want them to be able to see what I saw, I want them to be able to say this is the Greatest Nation on earth! Because it is free! And as I have learned, I want them to know, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We owe it to our neighbors to the North and South to remain a bastian of Freedom they can lean on when there is need. MAY THE REPUBLIC LIVE ON.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The budget for the federal government has never, I repeat never been balanced under a democratic congress. The years when Clinton was president he had a republican house and congress. The truth which any economist worthy of the name will tell you, it normally takes 6to8 years for the economic policy of an administration to affect the economy. So Clinton road the ground swell of Reagan and Bush Senior, the economy was starting to fall late 1999 and early 2000, then with the war, GW did not have a chance to make the needed changes. Then he fell into Barney Franks "Freddy Mack Fannie Mae" screw up. Then his big mistake was the TARP bailout. Bailouts only work if the plan has a plan to retire the the money inserted in the economy. There was no such plan and Obamadinejad keeps spending what does come back to the treasury. Hyper inflation is around the corner. Why employers are not expanding and hiring is simple, they see the no track brain of this administration and know where it will end up. If they have to bite the bullet, they are making sure it is a small caliber bullet. I for one do not intend to trust congress with my bank account as you will have to do if the health care bill passes. That is part of the deal, read the bill, I am not making this up. Now with the report from the N.E.J. of M. showing 43.6% of doctors saying they will be forced to leave medical practice if this bill passes, we are looking at 30 million potential new patients and just about half as many doctors. Your next appointment will be in 6 or 7 months. Hopefully. Kind of sounds like Canada to me. I bet you really like the idea of doctors getting paid bonuses if they can get a little old lady to sign up for assisted suicide. Hey gramps, your sitting in my sunlight, go die somewhere. Not in front of me though, yuck, you might fill your pants. Look at the lady with cancer Obamadinejad brought out on stage, what a hoax, she has care, good care, and they are not going to put a lien on her house. In fact the hospital director stated he was confident her bills would be taken care on, through state medicaid or as a charity case. Lets not forget anything that requires the feds to impose a tax on you is unconstitutional anyway. The 16th amendment was passed illegally, in a secret meeting with less than a quorum present. Excise tax is the only tax the feds are allowed to charge per the constitution. Our founding fathers knew that taxation led to the downfall of every great nation and empire in history. Don't listen to the drive by media, they are all owned by members of the Tri-lateral commission and they do not have the best interests of America in mind. I have been studying this since 1974, I saw this day coming, I was at Gresham, Tigerton, I was around at Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, Waco. the time has come to put a stop to the ruining of our nation. If you don't agree, then move.
FOOT NOTE: As you can tell this was written before the vote on Sunday, but the results of this atrocity will be the same, voted on or not.

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