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I am a conservative, I ran for state office as an American Party member in 1974,and again as a republican in 1976. I have children of my own as well as step children and ALL I stand for is to defend their future. I have traveled across this nation, and Canada, I have stood on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in California, Oregon and Alaska, looked out at the Gulf from New Orleans, put my feet in the Atlanic in Florida, caught Lake Trout in Lake Superior, Fished for Grayling in Lake Wassila. I have driven over the mountains, looked across the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley. Mostly as a young man on the road. Now I like being home with my family, but I want them to be able to see what I saw, I want them to be able to say this is the Greatest Nation on earth! Because it is free! And as I have learned, I want them to know, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We owe it to our neighbors to the North and South to remain a bastian of Freedom they can lean on when there is need. MAY THE REPUBLIC LIVE ON.

Friday, January 1, 2010


If we as a nation fail, we fail the whole world to suffering and enslavement.

It is going to take more than just voting. Where we can, we need to run for office, when we cannot do that, we need to convince others to do so. We need to choose who we want to run and then choose between two or more candidates, we need to insist on term limits. We cannot continue to blindly support who ever the parties throw up there or the incumbents. Over time anyone can lose site of their ideals. Regular change clears the air. We need to provide sunset laws for entitlement programs that are not fair to healthy men and women, because they do not encourage people to do better. We need to give control of certain law enforcement back to the county level. We need to rescind the IRS and the confusion of tax laws. We need to make the Federal reserve bank open its books every year. Congress should be required to say the pledge of allegiance every day at open and close of their meetings. The President or the Vice President should lead them unless called away on a national emergency. Schools should be required to say the pledge everyday and students should have the responsibility to raise and lower The Flag each day. And Gods name should be used anywhere anytime for every need.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”-Ben Franklin

What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried, against the new and untried?" Abraham Lincoln February 27, 1860 - Cooper Union Address

These were men of vision, these are the ideals our country was founded on. Yes there has always been problems, but never have so few lied to and tied to control this country, with more hatred and dishonesty then the administration in power at this time. This includes both houses of congress and the White House. It must end, and only we the people can end it. It starts by word of mouth, it grows to the polls. Vote for new leadership, personal responsibility, and a future for our children that does not enslave them to taxation with out representation.

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